Our Prayer Corner

Please excuse these photos.  I am not the most talented of photographers, and the light in our little hallway leaves something to be desired!  But I wanted to share with you the little spot that my family and I have carved out for our prayer corner.  It is both figuratively and literally the center of our home, part of a small, square hallway that leads to every room in the house.  One of the jobs we give our three year old before we pray is to close all 5 doors surrounding us!

It was important to me to make this area work for all members of the family.  So that meant icons hung high, for my six foot three husband, and down low, to touch, for our baby and three ear old.

I picked up this little cabinet at a thrift store, years before having children, and loved that it looked like it had been handmade for a child, probably by a grandparent or uncle.  Its’ size and features have made it perfect for housing everything we need.

Though it can be hard to convince my daughter to abandon her play to join us for morning prayers, she does enjoy helping my husband light the candles and open her little cabinet.  We used to have little battery operated candles for her to place in front of the icons below, but need to replace the bulbs (hence the pink flashlight!)

Also pictured is a little tray with icons to look at, prayer cards like those used in Catechesis atriums (more on that soon), a few books, and a Montessori land & water globe we used when reading the creation story.  On the doors are icons of the Nativity and Christ Blessing the children.  I still need to get a little rug, to make the floor a little less cold in the winter!

Throughout the year, you can find different things tucked away in the cabinet, from palm crosses to art work made in Sunday School.  Now that my daughter is getting a little older, I plan on changing out the materials more often. I have lots of ideas for this, and hope to share them with you soon. It is a work in progress, that is for sure!

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