Why ‘Sprinkled with Joy’ ? Part 1

My three year old daughter loves sprinkles. LOVES them.  On cakes and cupcakes? Of course! But really on anything.  They have even become my secret weapon in getting her to eat healthier things, like tart Greek yogurt, for example. Most kids love sprinkles (and let’s face it, so do I!)  As I started to brainstorm ideas for making our HOPE and JOY meetings not only spiritually-centered but also fun, I found sprinkles were a great tool. You’ll see them mentioned here a lot, among other things!  And in some ways I’ve found they have become a bit of a metaphor for my approach to youth activities at our church.  Sprinkles are the fun, extra touch, to the sweet treat.  They can never replace the cupcake or cookie-they simply add some sparkle that can make the treat that much more enticing.  Just as there is only One teacher, Whose ways are Scripture and the sacraments, our teachings and efforts outside of this are the “extra” on top.  An important extra, of course! But sometimes I fear we can fall into the trap of taking ourselves a bit too seriously and spend too much of our time talking “at” our youth, using words that often go above their heads (or in one ear and out the other!) And I’ve found that attention spans on Saturday afternoons (when our Hope/Joy group meets) can be quite short!  So I’m striving to find and create easy, fun, projects, that a variety of ages can do, that correspond with a brief, but essential Orthodox truth.  I’m learning as I go, and making plenty of mistakes! But it is a joy to work with our Orthodox youth, and I hope this little blog can be of service to others doing the same:)


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