“Creating” with the Daily Readings..

It is always nice when the daily readings are a bit more”kid-friendly” for the three and under set! Today was one of those days, as one of the Old Testament readings was Genesis 1:24-2:3.  It got me thinking that we should do some kind of activity relating to the “living creatures” and more specifically, the birds of the air.  Since it is still technically winter (though in North Carolina you certainly wouldn’t know it!) I thought it would be fun to make some bird feeders.  Taking care of God’s creatures seems like a nice (perhaps loose) extension of almsgiving during this first week of lent.

I’m guessing you probably made one of these when you were little! So easy-all you need are pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed.  This example is from kaboose.com-you can find full instructions here.

Pinecone Bird feeder from kaboose.com

If there are no pinecones near you, you can also use bagels, like Hearts and Trees did.  And if nut allergies are a problem, you can use lard or honey to make the birdseed stick (see here).

Another fun nut-free idea is to use gelatin and cookie cutters, like eighteen25 did.  A little more work for the adult, but very cute looking, and your child can choose their favorite shape.

Other ideas for today could be taking extra care of the family pet, perhaps making homemade doggie treats? Here is a fun and easy recipe from dogtreatkitchen.com that you can use cookie cutters with-but i have never  tried it so no guarantees your little pooch will like them!


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