Prayer of St. Ephrem for Children

When my daughter was two, I found this little book in a church bookstore and had to have it for her.  It’s called the Guardian Angel Children’s Prayer Book: An Introduction to the Divine Liturgy and Prayers for the Young Child, by Fr. T. Lozynsky, ilustrated by Yaraslova.  Unfortunately, a quick google search yielded no immediate online sellers, but I will keep looking.  This little book has wonderfully charming illustrations that take the child through the Divine Liturgy, simple explanations of the sacraments and feast days, and common prayers.  One thing I especially like is that it has a simplified version of the prayer of St. Ephem/Ephraim that even young children can understand.  We have added it to our morning prayers with our three year old and I wanted to share it with you.

I have typed it up into word and thought it would be nice to make prayer cards with, perhaps mounting it on some pretty scrapbook paper or letting my daughter decorate the back.  I am learning how to use scribd and hope to share the copy I’ve made with you soon!

I will also have a copy of the “original” prayer if you would prefer that one.  In the meantime, I wanted to share this little prayer booklet put together by the GOYA of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Norfolk, VA.  I think It would make a nice activity to make these little books together by adding a nice cover, either from cardstock, fun foam, or the like.  They could be kept for personal use or given as gifts. You can find it here : Orthodox Christian Prayer Book Pocket-Size.


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