A St. Patrick “Treasure” Hunt

Here is another fun idea that we may do for our Hope & Joy meeting on Saturday – a shamrock/pot of gold treasure hunt!

Since most kids will be familiar with the idea of leprechauns and a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, it is a nice opportunity to take the  idea of “treasure” and reframe it by teaching Matthew 6:19-21.  I found small fun-foam shamrocks from Michael’s, that I plan on writing simple clues on (check out here to get your juices flowing.  For older children, you could write out questions relating to lent/Easter that have to be answered before they get the next clue.)  I plan on hiding the shamrocks around the church hall, and the final clue will lead to the “pot of gold”, a pot full of these little Scripture cards, with a gold token shamrock attached, to remind them of the lessons they learned today  (I also found the gold coins at Michael’s-I like them because they depict only a shamrock, and not a four lead clover and references to luck). I hope they enjoy it!


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