Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday

I can’t believe how quickly Holy Week is approaching. Time has completely gotten away from me! On that note, I wanted to share some ideas for Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday, since they are quickly approaching.

Sylvia at Adventures of an Orthodox Mom has a beautiful post about her family tradition surrounding Lazarus Saturday, and has a recipe for Lazarakia posted, too.   Also,  Orthodoxeducation.blogspot has a fun “mummy” wrapping activity that looks fun for older kids!

For Palm Sunday, I was inspired by the “Hosanna” banner here and decided to make a simple one myself. Leanna used pretty doilies and real palm leaves to form the letters; I used simply construction paper and markers, so this is an activity that could easily be made with a group of children.  After cutting out the leaf shapes, I just wrote the letters, and lacking a hole punch, used clothespins to hang the leaves from a green ribbon.  Since my daughter is very interested in cutting right now, but has limited skills, I think she will enjoy snipping around the edges to make them even more “palm”-like.   There are lots of possibilities with these banners, you can use whatever materials you have on hand to decorate them more.  One fun idea would be to trace the letters in glue and add beans, little torn leaves, glitter, etc, though you may need to use cardstock to hold up to the glue.

Younger children can enjoy drawing and cutting out their own paper palms to wave; you can attach them to chopsticks, pencils, straws, etc.  I also created this little Palm Sunday set for my daughter to play with.  I have had the wooden peg dolls since my Catachesis training, being too intimidated to start painting them, given my horrible drawing skills. When I saw similar Godly Play/CGS figures outfitted in felt, I figured even I couldn’t mess that up! So I cut out some simple felt clothes, and left the faces blank (because I like this in the Waldorf approach, and also because all I can draw are smiley faces!) I then cut out cloaks and palms from felt; if you are a more talented artist than I, you could cut the figures out of felt as well.

You can purchase the peg dolls online or at Hobby Lobby, Ben Franklin, or AC Moore (they no longer sell them at my Michael’s).  Short on time? Check out the amazing Holy week/Pascha set offered at Orthodox Christian Craft Supply. Their learning box offers 11 crafts for Holy week and Pascha for only $15! Hopefully there is still time for shipping. When my daughter gets a little older I will definitely be purchasing a set for us to make.

A few Holy week ideas to link/share coming soon!


One thought on “Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday

  1. I LOVE the banner! I am in charge of the craft for our parish’s church school and this is DEFINITELY what we will be doing tomorrow!! Thank you so much for your lovely ideas here on your blog. I love the little pascha doll set too! -Anna

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