Christ is Risen! Resurrection Eggs for Preschoolers

Christ is Risen! I hope everyone had a blessed Holy Week and joyous Pascha (Easter).  Though evening services with a 3 year old and six month old were definitely a challenge this year, I was happy that some of the little activities I planned for my daughter really sparked her interest and added to her understanding and experience of the feast.  Here is one I wanted to share with you:

Resurrection Eggs for Preschoolers

I got the idea to modify Resurrection Eggs for younger children from here.  Julie at the Happy Home Fairy made a great set of eggs, as well as an adorable free printable, to explain the Resurrection to toddlers , so I just modified it a bit for my daughter.

The objects I used in our eggs were as follows:

1) a donkey, to recall Palm Sunday (from the store-bought Resurrection set)

2)  a chalice and “bread” for the mystical/last supper (goblet from the Playmobil Nativity set, could also use the one from the RE set-ours was lost, and a wooden trim piece from the wood crafts section at Michael’s)

3) a wooden cross, also from Michael’s wood crafts

4) shroud/linen (made out of felt because that’s what we had, next time I would use a softer fabric)

5) stone (collected by my daughter a days earlier 😉

6) the last egg is empty to illustrate the empty tomb.

This is such a great activity for toddlers and preschoolers because the colorful plastic eggs are irresistible for this age group!  As my daughter opened each egg, I gave a simple explanation for the object inside, and she of course loved opening and closing them all.  When we had gone through the whole story, I hinted that perhaps the empty egg would be filled with a sweet treat on Easter. And sure enough, she remembered to run and check first thing on Sunday morning!


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